English Muffins

I love a crisp English muffin for breakfast! My favorite topping is orange marmalade. Here’s a recipe that works well for me, Little Spoon Farms again 🙂

If you have tried this delicious recipe, feel free to post comments or photos about it!

Here’s a photo of Katalina’s very successful English Muffins! Yum!

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  1. Hi. Jo. I just sat down to take a break before wrapping off today, and a fond memory of the sourdough baking class that you presented for my kids and I came to my mind. I looked up sourdough in the email account and rediscovered this blog. Thank you for posting my picture of my English Muffins. I want to go back where I left off on Dec. 2023 when I was baking sourdough Challah bread. Back then I had the desire to bake enough to share as Christmas gifts for that year but my oven broke. David finally fixed it a couple months ago or so. 🤗

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